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Bebop. Death metal. Trance. Emo. Most genre names sound a little silly, or a lot silly, at least at first. Still it’s not hard to sympathize with Nick 13, leader (and the only constant member) of the Los Angeles-based trio Tiger Army. When asked about his chosen genre, he has no choice but to utter those four risible syllables: psychobilly.

Psychobilly was popularized more than 25 years ago by the Meteors, a British band that played rockabilly as if it were punk rock: loud, fast and silly. Nick 13 clearly cherishes this cultish tradition, but that doesn’t mean he sticks to it. He has perfected a fusion that seems peculiarly Californian: You can hear cheerful pop-punk as well as a dash of lonesome country; nods to both Morrissey (who’s a fan) and the Misfits.

After three underground-favorite albums the group hired Jerry Finn to produce ”Music From Regions Beyond,” a pulpy delight that could be — should be, even — the band’s breakthrough.

At first all you hear is punk: fuzzy chords from Nick 13’s multi-tracked guitar and galloping drums from James Meza. But listen closely, and you’ll hear the telltale sound of strings thwacking a fret board: that’s Jeff Roffredo, who plays stand-up bass, nudging these songs back toward the 1950s.

”Forever Fades Away,” the album’s first single, is a midtempo punk love song with a verse and chorus that wouldn’t sound out of place on modern rock radio. But the lively rockabilly rhythm in the bridge delivers a secret message — We haven’t forgotten you! — to longtime fans.

In keeping with Tiger Army tradition, this album hides a twangy ballad (”Where the Moss Slowly Grows”) near the end; hearing Nick 13 strain to hit the high notes is part of the fun. There’s also a Spanish-language love song (”Hechizo de Amor”) and, even better, an unexpected new-wave homage, ”As the Cold Rain Falls.” (Who knew a psychobilly band could do such a good imitation of early New Order?)

Tiger Army is scheduled to play the main stage throughout this summer’s Warped Tour; condolences, in advance, to whichever bands have to go on afterward.